Brave Dog Saw A Baby Deer Drowning & You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!(Video)

Dogs may be man's best friend. But their generally friendly nature means they're always looking to befriend any creature on the planet — especially if that animal is in need of help.
And when Storm, an English golden retriever, saw that a young deer was drowning in the harbor in Port Jefferson, New York, he immediately jumped into action. The dog swam out into the waters, grabbed the distressed deer by the back of its neck, and pulled it to safety on the shore.

The harrowing rescue was caught on camera by Storm's owner, Mark Freeley. After arriving back on shore, the deer got spooked and ran away from the dog that saved him. Storm ran pursued the foal to make sure it was okay.

But, because deer don't interact often with dogs, the fawn was spooked after the initial rescue and fled back into the water even deeper. This time, two humans were around to help save the day. Freeley and bystander Frank Floridia teamed up to wade in the water to help save the scared deer.

Floridia said the second rescue was anxiety-filled, and he realized just how difficult it must have been for the dog to pull the drowning deer from the water.
The fawn, who was covered in ticks and had an eye injury, was taken to an animal rescue where it is now being cared for until it can safely return to the wild. Storm's owner, who was already aware of how special and brave his pup was, now has one more reason to admire his amphibious and adorable furry life guard.
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